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Enjoy a range of recreational opportunities
at Shamrock Ranch.

You will be limited only by your own imagination. Wildlife abounds on the ranch, and there are endless scenic vistas accessed by hundreds of miles of trails. Look for opportunities in hunting, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, sport shooting and just enjoying being catered to by the wonderful folks at William's Shamrock Ranch.

There is a large resident herd of Tule elk and blacktail deer abound on the ranch's complex terrain of mountains, hillside meadows and deep canyons.

The big game hunting is managed under a private land management (PLM) arrangement with the California Department of Wildlife.

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Hunt For Free-Roaming Tule Elk

The Tule elk, in danger of extinction in the 1880s, were greatly reduced in number by hunting and loss of habitat. Fortunately, in 1874, cattleman Henry Miller began a 50-year effort to save the Tulie. In 1932, the few remaining of the Tule Elk herd were given permanent protection in a 950-acre property, now known as Tule Elk State Reserve. Elk from the reserve have been successfully transplanted to other areas in California where free-roaming herds of Tule elk can be found today. Williams Shamrock Ranch is fortunate to have the largest resident herd of these successfully transplanted Tulies.

Don't miss an opportunity to hunt this rarer elk species. Though smaller in size than other species, the Tule Elk is a trophy for any big game hunter. A mature bull (or stag) will weigh 700 pounds on an average while the cows (or hinds) are only about three-fourths as large. Only males have antlers which are rounded and widely spread, averaging four to six points on each. Antlers are shed in March with new ones fully grown by September.

Prospective Tule elk and blacktail deer trophy hunters are encouraged to book early as a limited number of tags are available. All visitors to the ranch are asked to sign a general release of liability form upon arrival.

Bulls in excess of 300 points have been taken off the ranch in recent years. Currently four to six trophy bulls are harvested each season along with a similar number of cows. Typical hunts last three to five days although most tags can be filled on the first morning. Our guides are experienced hunters who have been residing on the ranch for many years and hence know the movement patterns of the herds.

Trophy Tule Bull Elk Hunt $12,000
(booking fee $5000);
Cow Tule Elk Hunt $2,000
(booking fee $800).

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Blacktail Deer Opportunities at William's Shamrock Ranch

Blacktail deer are abundant throughout the complex, rugged mountainous terrain of the ranch. It is not uncommon to see twenty to thirty bucks feeding along any of a multitude of mountainous trails at dusk. The grassy hillsides bounded by oaks and conifers and dotted with lush springs offer excellent feed and cover for these beautiful animals.

The deer herds on the ranch are currently being carefully managed in a Private Landowner Management (PLM) agreement with the Department of Wildlife of the State of California to evolve genetics specifically directed at heavy horn growth. It is anticipated that the population of trophy bucks will increase each year. For the less ambitious hunter a yearly harvest of management bucks is an option. Trophy hunts are typically three to five days and management hunts one to three days.

Trophy hunts are best booked early in the year as a limited number of tags are available.

Rates: Blacktail Deer Hunt $3000; Trophy buck $1000 additional (booking fee $1000).
Late-season Blacktail Deer Hunt $3500 (after October 15); Trophy buck $1500 additional (booking fee $1200).
Management Blacktail Deer Hunt $1200 (booking fee $500).


Opportunities Abound
at William's Shamrock Ranch

The miles of grassy trails that skirt the ridge tops teem with dense coveys of Mountain and California quail and increasing numbers of ruffed grouse have been noted in recent years with the decline of predators. The ranch enjoys one of the largest populations of Russian wild boar in Mendocino county. Flocks containing as many as two dozen wild turkeys are commonly seen feeding along the slopes on the western side of the ranch. Several deep water ponds are stocked with large mouth bass and fish as large as ten pounds are frequently landed. In the warm summer evenings catfish and crappie can be caught along the rocky shoreline.

A newly constructed 4,000 square foot fully appointed mountain lodge with a game dressing facility and a rifle and pistol range houses our guests. Appropriate season clothing is recommended... the summers days are warm with cool evenings and the winters tend to be cooler with rains.

The ownership and management of the Shamrock Ranch and the Shamrock Ranch Outfitters, LLC are fully committed to the highest principles of land stewardship, protection of the environment and enhancement of wildlife habitat.

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